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Christmas is a time of happiness and celebrations for many people, but that’s not the case for 9-year old Kendall Knight. After losing his father in a car accident, at the age of seven, and struggling to adapt to his mother’s new boyfriend, he is left feeling hopeless and lost. Can his best friends, James, Carlos, and Logan, help him believe in the magic of Christmas again before it’s too late? Or will it take a higher power?

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Turn Up The Volume: #16

Turn Up The Volume

One Way Ticket

After the release of the amazing Slow Moion EP earlier this year, Heffron Drive fans have been patiently waiting for more new music. Prayers were answered on August 4th with the new single and music video “One Way Ticket.”

heffron-drive-one-way-ticket-excl-videoHeffron Drive Itunes

Once again, Kendall and Dustin has switched up their sound, going with a nostalgic vibe of Fleetwood Mac and Third Eye Blind. Kendall even pulled out some moves from Taking Back Sunday’s front man Adam Lazzara in the music video.

The “One Way Ticket” music video was shot, directed, and edited by Wesley Quinn who is no stranger to the HD family. He has worked on many of their previous music videos in many different capacities and he told TUTV exclusively that “we are now working on several others coming up.”

We asked Wes how the concept of this video came about. “The concept was…

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I’m Sorry

~Let Your Words Flow~

I’m sorry.I’m sorry that I tend to overthink and over analyze things.I’m sorry that my sense of right and wrong is too strong, and I go overboard trying to make sure that things stay fair. I guess it’s because I know what it feels like to have no one fight for me, even those who promised they would. Even those who should have because that’s what mothers are supposed to do. I’m sorry that my concerns are silly or seem inconsequential. I guess silly things just matter to me, like not letting someone take advantage of another who doesn’t know everything that’s going on.I’m sorry that I’ve never posted a photo, I’m insecure and I hate the way I look. I’m not special, pretty, or a size two.I’m sorry I’m not good at being lonely, even though I am usually alone. I’m not good with people…

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Turn Up the Volume: #13

Turn Up The Volume

Living Room

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but for Heffron Drive fans it was our lucky day when the long-awaited single “Living Room” dropped. Changing their sound once again, this tune has a bit of a country feel with guitar riffs guaranteed to get you off your chair! The lyrics tell a love story we can all relate to. It shares a page of a relationship dwelling on good and bad times, hoping to find a happy medium with that special person.

livingroomTolBooth Records

Schmidt told Digital Journal, “We had the actual studio set up, and I was tired of being in the studio, and I went in my living room, where I had the idea about making a song about a living room, and I tied it in about being in a relationship. As I had progress with it, Dustin came over and we just locked…

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